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Why Mexican brides are being chosen by foreigners?

Nowadays it is a common practice for men to look for a wife abroad. It is not only Western men who look for foreign wives. International marriages are a regular practice over the world.  It is completely safe to claim that almost every Latin woman is gorgeous. And out of Latin women, Mexican ladies are a special breed. The best thing about their appearance is their surprising diversity. And it is one of the reasons for their popularity. Today, we are going to talk about Mexican brides, their personality and appearance, look at the online platforms where you can take a look at them. We will also discuss their advantages and compare them to the brides of other countries. A bride from Mexico can become the last and the happiest stop on your journey of finding companionship.

Interesting facts about women of Mexico

Below are five incredible facts that will reveal a lot about Mexican ladies. Choose which one is the most appealing for you.

Mexican women are truly experienced in healthy living 

Burritos, vegetables, tacos, spices, sauces…All these ingredients become a masterpiece in the hands of Mexican ladies. Also, no diet is unknown to Mexican women. As they care about their appearance and keep it on the highest level, they understand that you are what you eat. If you struggle to finally start a healthy lifestyle, a beautiful Mexican lady will put an end to this struggle and help you become a better person.

Unreal makeup is the second name for sexy Mexican ladies 

Every world-famous makeup artist should be envious of the level of makeup skill that Mexican girls have. For them, there is no difference between applying their makeup during a road trip or at their bathroom, an epitome of beauty will still emerge when she ends her makeup sessions. It is no wonder that Mexican women are proficient makeup artists. Mexico is home to numerous holidays which involve bizarre clothing and a lot of makeup, so they learn this part of their culture from their early years. Mexican girls do not do makeup to fool men and appear prettier than they really are.  They do it because they treat makeup as a form of art they want to master. You will be truly impressed by their skills with a pencil and an eye-liner.

Mexican ladies are passionate beyond measure

Mexican ladies are tender, affectionate and feminine personalities. Anybody who’s had an experience of dating a Mexican girl knows that their strong feelings can be overwhelming in a good way. Such a passion is almost unprecedented among women of other nationalities. With such a passionate and emotional girlfriend a man has a unique possibility to experience what true love really feels like, enjoy all its mind-blowing effects and unearthly feelings. Be wary though, that their passionate nature may backfire. Mexican girls are very well-mannered and rarely show their anger or jump into arguments, but we would advise against making your Mexican girlfriend mad.

Mexican girls know how to party

If you need one word to describe a Mexican lady, that will be vigorous. They are communicative, easy-going and always in a good mood. Spry and lovely Mexican girls have no problem with dancing all night long. Any Mexican lady is the life and soul of the party and sometimes they party like it’s no tomorrow. If you need to shake up your daily routine then hanging out with your Mexican girlfriend is a great way to go. Even if you are into partying, you will maybe finally feel that spirit of party and understand why people enjoy it so much. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Women of Mexico are superstitious 

Traditions have their scared place in Mexican society. Some of the ladies even have a red ribbon tied around their hip or pierce their panties with a pin to protect themselves from misfortune. Also, they tend to have a lot of red underwear that reflects their wishes for true strong love for the New Year.  Those superstitions may sound silly to a non-believer or a modern-minded person, but it is their special charm and Mexican spirit. Mexican women are smart and can be progressive themselves, but in the end, it is their peculiar charm everyone falls in love with.

Common myths about Mexican women 

In addition to the facts that some of you find really attractive, you have heard enough myths related to Mexican brides. The big part of them is the reason why some of you fear to make acquaintance with a hot Mexican woman.

Myth 1: Discrimination and sexual harassment on a daily basis 

In many articles, there are reports about violence against Mexican women, but it isn’t exactly so. Yes, in some regions women aren’t allowed to vote or do it according to the preference of their husband. But it is likely exception to the rule than common stuff. It is true that men occupy leading positions in politics and business, but Mexican woman is a sample for veneration. For men everything that connected with mother is sacred. A well-mannered and brought up Mexican man would not dare to raise his hand on a woman and women there are really far from being blindly obedient and submissive creatures. A Mexican wife respects her man and his word above all else, but harassment and physical violence is definitely not something she would tolerate.

Myth 2: Mexican women are not well educated

This myth is popular among foreign people because some rural parts of Mexico have serious problems with poverty and people live in really harsh conditions, where some kids cannot afford normal education as they have to drop school to get their share of household duties. In such parts of the countryside, girls do marry early, leave their school prematurely and fully commit to household maintenance, family duty, and hard agricultural work. The gender gap in education is present in some parts of Mexico but it is reckless to claim it is widespread all over the state. Families in urbanized areas are being influenced by progress and modern trends, so they want their daughters to be educated and self-sufficient. There are several government initiatives aimed at eliminating the gender education gap in areas of Mexico where this problem is still relevant, so the situation is rapidly changing for the better.

Myth 3: Mexican women tend to bum around

This particular misconception comes from the previous item on our myth list and the fact, that local women tend to marry early. Due to their early marriage and focus on household responsibility, some people may think that Mexican girls do so only to avoid real work, education, and self-development. This sacrifice is actually done by Mexican women because family and kids are the biggest values of their lives, not because they are lazy or incapable to be successful in social life or business. Raising children and maintaining a family is far from being simple, so the women who heroically commit to this task are not in for some easy life. In rural parts of Mexico where there might be not so many business or career opportunities, women work a lot in the field aside from their duties of raising kids and cooking for the family. Urbanized ladies often combine the upbringing of their child with a full-time job and every mother can who has done that can confirm how exhausting and overwhelming it can be.

Why single Mexican women choose foreigners?

Every woman of Mexico wants to become the best mother possible for her children. Every good mom knows how important the family’s well-being and surroundings are for the proper upbringing of her kids. Some women of Mexico, unfortunately, do not have the best living conditions or income to build a solid foundation for future generations. The unconcerned life of the kids comes at high costs of their parents, so it is natural for a Mexican woman to look for a financially capable man who is able to ensure that his family will not be in need. As Mexico is a neighbor to the USA which is the world’s economic leader, it is unsurprising that local women show interest in American husbands.

Another reason for choosing husbands from abroad is the desire of Mexican women to stay away from patriarchy and sexism of some Mexican men. We’ve already explained that misogyny and abuse are not widespread and are not welcome in decent Mexican society, but there are still rare precedents of it. Some of the Mexican ladies have had enough of local “machos” and their parochial views on women and society, so they set their sights for foreign men. These Mexican ladies believe that a man from abroad with a different mentality, cultural background, and respect for women can change their lives for the better. It is your perfect chance to prove a hot Mexican mail order bride to prove she was right to expect such a result!

The final and the banalest reason is that there are simply not enough men out there! We’re not kidding, statistically, there are 95 men to every 100 women in Mexico. As a result of this shortage of men, some women of Mexico are set to be lonely if they look only for local matches only, so it is natural for women there to look for suitable partners from other countries. And after all, love knows no boundaries, so don’t blame a Mexican princess for falling in love with an overseas prince.

How to meet and marry a hot Mexican woman?

First of all, you will need to get out there and talk to them! And by out there we do not necessarily mean going to Mexico as this can be an expensive trip. By going out there we mean at least visiting Mexican bride agencies and taking a look at the lists of stunning Mexican brides. Do not afraid to choose the one which makes your soul resonate and then engage in a conversation! When you start communicating with a Mexican woman, be honest and sincere about your intentions.

Do not be shy about the fact you use mail order bride websites. Mexican girls who register on mail order bride websites are certainly not afraid of meeting strangers online and get to know them better. Online dating has been a thing for a while, so a lot of legitimate and trusty websites that are created to assist lonely people with their search for happiness.

Do the dating sites help with finding Mexican brides?

They absolutely do! Latin mail order bride websites are swarming with profiles of hot Mexican ladies. You can be sure that ladies register on online dating websites for the very same reason men do. Everybody wants to find their true love and a perfect partner. Online dating offers you the possibility to get to know your potential partner better by checking their profile and reading the information provided. On top of that, dating websites have their inner matchmaking tools that put the most suitable partners for you on top of the search.

Simple tips on dating Mexican women

We can offer you several tips which will help you in dating with Mexican women:

1. Be honest. Mexican women are known for their cheerful and straightforward nature. They will not hesitate to speak their minds and express their real opinions about everything. Sincerity will make any human interaction smooth and joyful, so do not hesitate to return the favor. Be honest about your habits, views, personality, and background. Mexican ladies can tolerate some dark sides of your nature, but they will not welcome deviousness.

2.  Mind your manners. Mexican girls are raised in strict cultural traditions and they are taught to behave like true ladies, especially when they are around men. Be a polite and patient gentleman to her as well and you will be surprised how easily this can become a key to her heart.

3.  Don’t be afraid to make a move. Mexican ladies are prone to making the first moves in dating themselves, but if you feel the things are going a little bit slow, don’t be afraid to be persistent about your intentions. Mexican girls love confident men, so you can be sure your advances will be appreciated and responded to.

4. Respect her personality as well as her culture. Mexican women are known to be passionate about their homeland’s traditions. Their cultural background ensures their spiritual development, so every Mexican woman has a deep and complex soul. Take your time to get to know her and the Mexican traditions. This little knowledge and patience will reward you with a significant boost in your relations.

Advantages of Mexican dating websites

The main advantage of mail order bride websites is saving your time and money. You won’t need to stand in long lines to get a visa or spend a lot of money on transport and apartment. The other main advantage is that mail order bride websites set you up for success. Before you and a Mexican bride actually start dating, the website uses all the tools to make sure you find your best choice before committing to dating itself.

What are the best legitimate mail order bride sites?

You can find a lot of different dating websites, which on the surface seem appealing. But it doesn’t mean that all of them are safe and legal. Finding a great reliable mail order bride site is a real challenge, especially if you don’t have much time for that. So, we do it instead of you.

Here is the list of websites, which will help to find your charming Mexican bride:




Contrasting: Mexican wives vs other wives 

Let’s review the main advantages Mexican brides have over their American counterparts:

1.  Family is the top priority. When a Mexican bride becomes your wife, you will be her main focus and concern. If the situation requires she will sacrifice your career for the sake of a stable relationship with you. It goes without question that your children will get the full mother’s attention.

2.  Cooking and household. Women from Mexico have household duties and cooking mastery coded deep in their minds. Your Mexican wife will make sure that the house is neat and the fridge is bursting with all kinds of food. Never expect to miss breakfasts again.

3. She will be as pretty as she was before. Mexican women never stop stepping up their game when it comes to appearance. Marriage and a stable relationship is not a reason for a Mexican lady to stop looking gorgeous.

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