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Adult Friend Finder Review – Like an 18+ Content Website You Can Interact With

If you just thought that this site is an opportunity to find a friend in its classical sense, to communicate and support each other in difficult situations, then, unfortunately, or fortunately, you are mistaken. Adult Friend Finder is about more than just friendship, although it would be wrong to completely exclude this option. As always, we have two news for you. First – here you can really find a friend or girlfriend. The second – this friend or girlfriend will be able to offer you some advantages compared to friendship in its classical sense. Well, interesting? Then read our Adult Friend Finder Review to the end.

Why This Site Was Created and What Is Its Purpose

This site was created over 20 years ago, and with one simple goal – to unite people who are looking for new opportunities for themselves, with minimal time, money and effort. In those days, it was a real breakthrough and a challenge to society – people were not yet accustomed to using technology to meet their daily needs. Moreover, they were very surprised to get on opportunity to find a potential partner for sex in such an open way.

However, today public attitudes have changed. People no longer consider the direct declaration of their desires as something shameful or illegal. Moreover, more and more users are joining the live network to get the most out of what they want, while investing only in the paid functions of the site. Traditional dates are no longer in fashion, at least in the opinion of those who use the full functionality of this site. It is much more convenient to immediately say what you want to do, when and with whom, than to spend time on movie theaters, restaurants that, at best, will be ineffective, and at worst will end up meeting your parents.

Adult Friend Finder vs Online Dating – What Should You Choose

As you already understood, Adult Friend Finder challenges the usual dating technologies. Here you will not find anyone who wants to create a family and give birth to children from you. Moreover, most likely, they will avoid serious relationships in every possible way, since the ultimate goal of this whole undertaking is completely different.

This is not a mail order brides, not the ringing of wedding bells, and not the obligation to love each other all your life, before God and people – this is just sex without obligations, these are just friends with advantages that fully share your goals. Therefore, if you want to get married – stop reading this Adult Friend Finder Review and run to look for another platform. And if you want to expand your horizons, today, and in some cases, not even leaving your home – stay with us, we will be able to tell you a lot of interesting things.

What People Can You Meet Here

The audience of the site is very lively and ready for any experience within the framework of common sense. Most users are people from America. Of these, 80% are male of any orientation. Moreover, very often couples also create profiles to discover something new within the framework of the agreement of both parties.

Most users are people from 25 to 44 years old. And this gives reason to say that the local audience is quite active, belongs to the progressive generation and looks at things a little differently than our grandparents. In addition, couples who are present here may also belong to non-traditional sexual orientation – you can easily meet a pair of two girls or two men who may want to invite someone else for a date, regardless of gender.

In simple words, there are no restrictions here and all users share this point of view.

Here you will not come across condemnations because your sexual orientation is unconventional, or because you want to try something that is a taboo for most people. Here, all the limitations are only in your head, and only you decide which features of the site to use to achieve your goals.

Is It Easy to Get Registered on This Platform?

Yes, it is very simple to register here and it is unlikely that this process will take you more than a minute. The site immediately allows you to choose whether you are a single user or you want to create a profile for a couple. A link to confirm your profile will be sent to your email address.

In addition, no one obliges you to write your real name – you can choose any free alias to preserve your anonymity.

And here is another interesting feature – right after registration, the site will offer you to undergo an anonymous survey and answer questions about your sexual experience. Get ready for the fact that these questions can be quite provocative, but do not forget that all the users responded to them in order to be able to find a partner who will fully share your interests.

Making a Profile

So, as we already said, the audience here is quite active and united by one common goal – the search for a partner for sexual relations. And by the way, here you will not see staged and model photos as on most online dating sites. Here, users prefer to show themselves as they are, even if their naked forms do not really correspond to model beauty standards, both for men and women.

Therefore, if your opinion is that beauty has the right to diversify, and the inner world can have more significance than the volume of the chest or waist, then this is the ideal place for you. Here, users are not shy to show themselves as they are in real life.

And we recommend you to do the same. No, there is no need to show your face – you can always send a private photo to that member of the club with whom you had confidential communication. However, the site does not prohibit publishing nude photos and even making life-streams in any of the conditions that you like.

What to Point out in Your Personal Profile

In order to make your stay on the site as effective as possible, we recommend that you fill out your profile in full and indicate all the data that matters. In any case, you can change this information at any time.

Also, it is very advisable to set a real profile photo in order to attract as many interested users as possible. You can upload any number of photos, and you can also view photos of other users for free, and couples can create a joint profile. However, only premium members of the club can view the full information in the profile.

How to Get in Touch with the User You Like

The best advantage of this site is that you are not limited by the possibilities for communication. You can view photos and videos, like, view streams from real-time, and use standard feature sets to send a message or letter. Later we will talk more about this in more detail, but in general terms, keep in mind that you have at least five opportunities for communication. These are likes and comments, letters and chats, lifestreams, blogs, and magazines.

Get in Touch with All of Them with a Mobile App

The mobile application from this site is a solution for those who really value their time and want to have an instant opportunity to stay in touch with those users who share your interests. Fortunately, the functionality of the mobile application has no restrictions and duplicates the main functions of the site. It is affordable for iOS and Android users on a free basis – just go to the websites of the suppliers and download the application completely free of charge. The best feature of the application, which, by the way, is only available from Adult Friend Finder, is the ability to watch streams from users in real-time. Be sure to try this feature if you feel tired of sitting and wasting time at a meaningless business meeting.

Free vs Paid Membership

As we said in our Adult Friend Finder review, the purpose of this site is to help people who have common sexual interests meet each other. However, in order for the site to work without failures, and your mobile application is not teeming with bugs, it is necessary to maintain the site in working condition, financing it using paid subscriptions.

However, there is good news! The site allows you to use a lot of useful features for free. And by the way, very often, this is enough to realize your goals. For example, for free you can

As for paid services, here, of course, the list is a little more interesting. This includes

As for prices, the monthly subscription to the service costs about $ 40. You will only pay $ 27 if you sign up for three months at once, and this is the most popular rate. But if you want to forget about renewing your subscription for a year, then it will cost $ 240, which is equal to $ 20 per month. And this option, as you can see, is the most economical.

Some Special Features You Will Definitely Enjoy

Here are some unusual features of this site, which are determined by its specifics and the free nature of users who register here. 

Live Webcams

If you like to watch events in real-time, that is the ideal function for you. A lot of users like to make lifestreams to show themselves as they are, that is, bare more often. Therefore, if you like a certain user, observe his or her page more carefully – it is very likely that he or she will start to make a live stream, especially for you as well.


This is the standard communication method for dating portals with different goals. In this case, an individual chat with users will allow you to discuss all the most important points regarding your meeting. In addition, there is a group chat in which you can share your desire and just wait until an active member of the club answers you.


Many users prefer to run their personal blogs in which they share their experiences. Therefore, if you like a certain user, do not limit yourself to being able to read his or her blog, it is very likely that you will learn a lot of new things, and also be able to better understand her or his goals on this platform.

Sex Academy

As the name implies, here you will be able to deepen your academic knowledge and get ideas about what you would like to put into practice and how to do it. Just use this opportunity to expand your horizons.


This is the original form of user interaction. Its essence lies in the fact that they compete in whose content will be cooler, engaging and challenging. The winner is determined by the number of likes and comments.


Within this section, you can read erotic stories from users. Some of them are real, and some of them are fiction. But in any case, these stories resonate with the main direction of the site and users find these stories quite interesting and involving, regardless of whether certain events occurred in reality.


This option is available only to users who have paid for the subscription. If any of the users like you, you can send her or him a winking emoticon. True, in order to start an interaction in this way, your recipient must also have a paid subscription to the service.


You can add up to 100 user profiles to your list in order to be able to interact with them at any convenient time.


If you liked a specific user, you can send him a gift. True, it will cost you several credits.


If you like a blog or a specific user profile, you can give her or him a piece of advice and inspire you to write the following stories and notes.

How Your Privacy Is Secured

Since this site works within strictly defined frameworks and knows a lot about the personal lives of users and their preferences, of course, the administration pays very close attention to security issues. Here you can be sure that other users will know about you as much as you let them know. In turn, the site agrees not to disclose your personal data and only act as an intermediary between you and the partner you want to find for your purposes.

The site also monitors any potentially fraudulent activity very strictly. However, these cases are extremely rare, because, in order to get access to really valuable data and interesting content that users share, it is necessary to issue a paid subscription.

Briefly, here you can feel safe and cross borders without violating your personal comfort, and without compromising the data you receive from other users.

This Site Is Good For

This site is ideal for those who are looking for a quick opportunity to satisfy their interests but are not ready to spend a lot of time on dates, flowers, restaurants, hints and long persuasions. Everything is simple here because each user understands the purpose for which he or she came to the site. Although the name can be interpreted in two ways but after getting to know the site, it becomes clear that here people are looking for partners for sex without commitment and have the instant opportunity to filter out a list of potential candidates by important criteria.

The users who live here do not care how many times you have been married, whether you know how to cook or how many children you have from your previous marriage — they are interested in a little of your other qualities and capabilities. Therefore, if you are ready to feel yourself like an object for sex and consider other people from your area in this status, then you are welcome.

This Site Is Bad For

This site is definitely not the most suitable solution for those who still believe that sex is possible only after the wedding. No, we are by no means affirming and will never say that your opinion is wrong – this is a matter of your personal choice. However, if you have been alone for a long time, then why continue this torture?

Here, no one will oblige you to anything. You have the right to completely control your privacy, choose with whom to chat both online and offline. Moreover, creating a profile also does not oblige you to take any active actions, and even more so those that contradict your moral principles.

You can easily set a profile photo in your business suit and just watch how communication is organized here. Don’t do what you don’t really want – just look at what options can be available for you in a few clicks.

Let’s Wrap It All Up

So, as you already understood from our Adult Friend Finder Review, this site challenges modern dating technology. It’s not about family, children, and marriage — it’s about pure sex. Therefore, if you share this goal and are ready to communicate and meet with a large number of people who have the same interests as yours, then this site is an ideal place to diversify boring evenings.

And vice versa, if you have always believed that such an approach is wrong, then everything will be too frank for you here. Although we would still recommend you create an account and watch from the side – it is never too late to change your mind and open up new opportunities. And by the way, you already have a step by step guide on where to start interacting with the site and what functions to use to make your stay here effective and entertaining. 

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