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The truth behind Russian Brides

No matter what red-blooded male you ask, they will agree on one thing: Russian girls make the best brides. This is a wide-known fact in certain circles that care to keep track. But what makes these foreign beauties so irresistible? What makes Russian girls so sought out? We will investigate these questions in the following paragraphs. You will see for yourself that this is one stereotype that is actually true-to-life.

Russian girls come from a long line of Slavic traditions. Before Russia became the powerful nation it is now, it was a group of nomads that traveled all across Europe. This extended period of traveling allowed them to accumulate wealth and be exposed to different cultures and potential breeding partners. Historians have uncovered a particular pattern to these migrations: Russians took their massive fleet of people down Eastern Europe and interacted with different tribes. They had contact with Bulgarians, Romanians, and Asians, just to name a few.  

Scientific and Social studies have concluded: women from Eastern Europe have been considered the sexiest ladies in the world since the early 2000s. All you need to do is Google Search, and you will be greeted by hundreds of supermodel looking girls who are smiling at you. This is not an exaggeration. Russian women are exactly that hot. They are in a big contrast when compared to women from America or Germany. The standard of beauty in these countries is vastly different. All women have different values and standards; we are not comparing them or judging them. We simply want to point out the different things that make them all very beautiful.

Western women excel at being original and self-sufficient. They enjoy being on their own and being emotionally powerful. You will never see proper Western women succumb to the will of a man. When looking for a husband, western women look for kindness and sensitivity. They prefer their men to be soft-spoken and proper mannered – in a sense, they don’t want men out-shadow them.

On the other side, hot Russian brides value the patriarchy. They are notoriously good looking. Years of selective breeding (in truth, there was a period where only the most attractive women managed to find husbands in 1945-65 since most male population in Europe was killed in WWII) have made Russian brides extremely gorgeous. Russian women usually have fair skin and blond hair. They are slim and toll with bright eyes. Their voices are soft and melodic. It sounds like a fairy tale, but in reality, it is true.

Why are Russian mail order brides desirable?

We’ve seen a resurgence of interest towards Eastern women in the last few decades. It has become quite popular for Western men to take Eastern brides for wives. When we mention Europe, there are a few regions that have become popular attractions for those looking to date and marry mail order Russian brides. The areas of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland have become the holy ground of beautiful women and for a good reason. However, Russia stands out as a particularly attractive destination for marriage. If we have to range women in popularity, Russian mail order brides rank higher than both Ukrainian and Asian brides put together. Based on recent statistics headed by scientists from the University in Moscow, over 30% of mail order bride marriages are between a western gentleman and young Russian women.

What makes them stand out that much? If you take a casual stroll through the Internet pages filled with happily ever after stories, you will without a doubt notice a trend – most of the marriages in those stories are between a western man and beautiful Russian women. The most apparent reason for this preference would be their radiating beauty. It is a known fact that Russian ladies hold the top place in beauty among their peers. It would be pointless and absurd to try to nitpick why they are considered so beautiful; this has been a dialogue that has been going on for a very long time with no conclusion. All a person can say with utmost certainty is that the image of young Russian women is shrouded in mystery.

If we approach the myth about Russian beauty from a more scientific aspect, we will see an interesting pattern. Since Russia had its origins as a nomadic state, the people got to travel large distances and exchange cultural and genetic material with other sources. This meant that only the most beautiful and the most sought-after members of the fair sex got to breed. This selective breeding process over the centuries led to current Russian populace consisting of above average good looking women. Of course, not everyone can have a supermodel looking figure, but Russia sports an impressive 1:5 ratio, meaning that it is more likely that you will see a gorgeous Russian girl walking down the street than anywhere else.

If we take a look towards the Western countries, like America, we can see another interesting pattern over the years. The Americas suffered from religious persecution for many years during the 1700s. This meant that any deviations from the normal would be persecuted and killed off. With this religious cleansing, came the well-known With Hunts of the 15th century. Religious zealousness and fanaticism led to the punishment of single people who were condemned as witches. If you were a beautiful woman or if you showed signs of above-average intellect, you could potentially be marked as a practitioner of Satanism or that you were cavorting with Satan. When studying old English literature, you will see a lot of correlation between beauty and evil; meaning that if you were gifted with radiating beauty, you most likely had stepped into a deal with Satan to achieve it. These witch trials led to European gene pools expelling the undesirable people and hence eradicating the Russian blood from them. Now, with no such blood in their genes, Western countries think of the Eastern population as something exotic. Because they don’t see it among themselves daily, they put a lot of emphasis on the different.

In Russian culture, things were slightly different. Beauty was never deemed dangerous or unholy, quite the opposite. Beautiful women were thought to have been gifted by God and hence were thought to be good people on the inside. In Russian folklore and literature, witches and demons are described as being ugly and misshapen. The image of the most famous Russian creature, Baba Yaga, is that of a hunched-over woman with a creased up and ugly face. This image is so far away from the reality of beauty that nobody could ever think that beautiful Russian women could ever be witches.

Folklore and history aside, there is another reason why Eastern women are generally more attractive and sought-after by men. It is a difference in lifestyle and community. In western countries, women are told that they should not be a subject to any man. They are taught by their mothers and by the media that women can achieve anything they want so they should live their lives any way they desire. That is all true and good; women are free to make their own choices anywhere they want and are free to be happy in whatever form they want. But living by that logic, western women let themselves go. Instead of working out, for example, they embrace a more sedentary lifestyle. They don’t work out or take care of themselves because by doing so they will be admitting to themselves and the world that they are just objects. This is a mentality problem that is evident in Western culture.

Unlike Western women, beautiful Russian brides take pride in their looks. To them, beauty isn’t a burden but something that needs to be cherished. By being beautiful, they don’t consider themselves inferior to men or just another item that men would like to possess. Quite the contrary, beautiful Russian girls use their beauty as a strategic advantage. They work out and dress well, take care of their hair and skin, and follow the latest fashion trends. They take all this time out of their day to take care of something that they genetically got from their ancestors and fashioned it into a weapon.

To sum things up, western women are taught that being unattractive is acceptable if they want to be treated fairly, while Eastern women are taught that beauty is a gift and needs to be cherished. These differences in genes and lifestyle make it easier to see why it is more likely to spot a beautiful women walking down the streets of Moscow than in New York.

Where to find Russion Women?

Many men around the world are seeking a relationship with women from Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European nations. They are famously beautiful, love being wives and mothers, and have a firm respect for men who are primary leaders in a relationship. As this site works with local dating agencies, all identities are verified, including marital status.

Hot Russian brides: Truths and Myths

There are many myths about Russian women online and Russian women brides. Since their popularity skyrocketed in the early 2000s, and the advances of Internet culture became more apparent, people have been fascinated by the image of beautiful young Russian women. Here is a short list of some ridiculous myths that one might encounter online and in the real world.

The first one is that Russian mail order brides are only trying to scam rich American men.

This one is particularly entertaining and the one that is furthest from the truth. Just because there has been one bad seed (one woman who scammed some men) doesn’t mean that every single young lady from Russia is trying to steal your money. On the contrary, these ladies are some of the most humble and obedient brides that a man can ask for. The reason they consult a dating agency is so they can find a suitable match. They could very easily find a handsome and polite Russian boy for a husband, but not every Russian lady wants to stay in Russia. Some would prefer to move to where their husbands live and be with them. Some would rather travel all around the world and let their adventurous spirit roam. There are many reasons why Russian women would rather use online dating than go out with a Russian lad. Being bored is one of them.  Russian culture is fascinating, but if you were born into it, you might feel like you want to step out, even for a little bit. Russian culture doesn’t see a dating website and/or dating services as a taboo, like some western countries. Quite the opposite, these websites are extremely popular these days and have been gathering popularity for some time.

The second is that hot Russian women are unfaithful.

This is another funny myth that has no place in the real world. It comes from the notion that all beautiful women will eventually stray from their marriages. Just because a few women and men were unfaithful does not mean that every single beautiful person cannot hold it in their pants. Russian women are no exception. Based on the community they grew up in and the strict patriarchal traditions that have been instilled in them, Russian ladies do not stray from their wedding vows. At the very least, they don’t cheat as much as Western women. You are bound to meet some women no matter where in the world who enjoy being unfaithful and who don’t take marriage seriously. But the statistics of cheating in Slavic countries are far more favorable towards chastity and the sanctity of matrimony than anywhere else.

The third myth has to do with this question: do Russian women make good wives?

A plain ‘yes’ is the right answer. There are many facts and studies that will prove the validity of this answer, but that would take us months of discussion and thousands of pages. Let’s just stick to the main argument that Russian women grow up in a very traditional society. Despite the advances in online culture and mass-media, traditionalism has not died in Russia. Women consider themselves child-bearers who are in charge of taking care of the family. They can have careers and pursue education, but the tie to the family is, without any doubt, very powerful. Men are considered to be the head of the household. It is their duty to provide and manage the greater affairs of the family. As such, they are to be respected.

Russian women will not respect feeble and weak men. They are taught that a man should be well spoken and strong. Don’t think bully here; think decisive and confident, someone who can take the lead.

Russian women and their family values

As we have already said, single Russian women value strength and leadership above all else. A Russian woman will not respect someone who is weaker than her or who is not consistent with their choices and decisions. This fact comes from centuries of traditions – the man is the head of the house, and the woman takes her rightful place by his side. It’s a way of life that every young Russian girl is taught to value and respect.

Russian women are fiercely loyal. They protect their family honor with everything they have, be it from the inside or outside sources. You will never meet Russian women who will speak ill of their husbands or families. That is one of the major reasons why Western men are keen on marrying Eastern girls.

What makes men want to date Russian Women?

Besides the fact that Russian women are extremely gorgeous, they also make good wives. Hot Russian women are considered foreign and mysterious in western countries. This has given rise to Russian mail order wives trend, and ever more men seek out to date Russian women with the goal of marrying them.

Online dating services have made it extremely easy to connect with anybody around the world. It’s very easy for an American man to sign up for these services and start chatting with Russian women. This also plays a part in why men are so interested in dating Russian women. The slogan for these websites is ‘buy a Russian bride’ and ‘marriage that will last for the rest of your life.’ You can imagine how lonely men can see these messages as their salvation.

The truth is that some western men are tired of the stereotypical western women. Men don’t want girls who cheat, don’t value them and go to clubs with their girlfriends under the pretense of emancipation. Men want a girl who is loyal and who values them just as much as they value her. Russian wives are very loyal and family-centered, which caters to their need for affection and stability.

Western Women vs Russian Women

We’ve mentioned the major differences between western and Russian women, but let’s dive in a little deeper. Russian women would rather stay at home and take care of their husbands and children than go out alone. Western women would rather go out and have fun than be a stay-at-home wife. It’s perfectly ok to have a social life outside of the household, but western women take that freedom to extremes. In their pursuit of emancipation, they forget that they are leaving other people behind in order to look after their own happiness. They don’t think that these small signs of rebellion against the system are hurting people who are closest to them. A Russian woman will consider her family before she considers her own interests.

As a bonus, Russian women take care of their own body better than western women. This comes partially from good genes and cultural influence, but also from dedication and hard work. Western women are taught that it is bad to chase industry standards of beauty to please a man. Russian women take care of their bodies for their own self-worth. They don’t do it for their husbands or other men but rather take pride in knowing they do the best they can to look beautiful.

Tips and Tricks to attracting Russian Women

If you want to enter the Russian brides club and date Russian women, you need to be aware of some subtle things that will make you more desirable. After all, you came here to impress a woman, so read on.

In Russian society, a man is a powerful figure. That’s why when you first start talking to Russian women, you need to sound confident and take charge. This doesn’t mean you should act the typical bad boy or be rude. Rather, when discussing restaurants, for example, take charge and suggest one that you think will be suitable. This will show your potential girlfriend/wife that you have researched the restaurant and have taken her interests into account. If you are already dating a Russian girl, make sure you by her flowers not only on special occasions but as a surprise. Think of things that would make her happy and do them.

Another good tip to elevate you in the eyes of Russian women is to be respectful of her family. There is nothing worse than insulting a Russian girl’s father or mother. This is a clear sign that you will not be a good partner and parent; so, this act will most likely leave you single. Russian girls are very protective of their families. It’s understandable if we trace their history and the evolution of their traditions. Over the years, Russian people have had to stay together through thick and thin to keep their cultural identity.

When looking for Russian women for marriage via a ‘buy a Russian bride’ website, you should never attempt to have a one night stand with them. While women in Russia certainly enjoy sex, it is a bit different given their traditionalist views. It is very likely that the girl you are hoping to date will try to hold off on sexual relations until marriage. It is the old way of doing things that is still very much alive in Russian culture. Russian brides online are not that different from regular girls you would meet walking in today’s Russia. Always be respectful and honest with your intentions.

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