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Ukrainian brides: describing ladies from magnificent Ukraine

It’s time to get married! But what if you feel like this but you do not have anyone, who would be a nice wife to you? Don’t feel like you’re abandoned – because now, you are able to learn a wonderful way of how to deprive yourself of loneliness – thanks to Ukrainian brides!

Ukrainian wives are girls originating from Ukraine and who are registered on the dating sites that we consider below in this text. They are charming, young, full of positivity, and want to marry a decent guy with a big heart – as love is still one of the most important things for Ukrainian brides, unlike angry and constantly dissatisfied women of the West.

Facts about Ukrainian women

In order to love them, you have to know facts about them. So, what makes Ukrainian singles so charming and wanted all over the world, where ladies of high manners, grooming, and mind are cherished? It’s time to discover exciting facts about pretty Ukrainian girls!

Fact 1: Education

In modern Ukraine, over 95% of adult Ukrainians are literal and about 90% of them have higher education (with a diploma of bachelor or master). It is not uncommon to see more ladies in classes of an institute than men. Also, it is a trend that girls of Ukraine have better marks than guys, and they take increasingly better posts in the life of a country, including the highest, like the Minister of Finances or akin.  

Fact 2: Sticking to traditional values

Beautiful Ukrainian girls know how to combine work and personal life. It is unnecessary to refuse to pursue your career if you’re pregnant in Ukraine – as Ukraine has a 3-year parental leave, during which some social help is paid, allowing a mother to take care of a child and think about returning to work (and she won’t be fired). After 3 years, a child goes to a kindergarten and a mother returns to work on a preserved working place for her. That helps mothers have several children and do not leave their careers. So it is not uncommon that a woman in Ukraine, when she is going to retire, has grown-up kids and some of them even have their own kids. 

But despite the fact that many Ukrainian women work, a lot of them still consider that only taking care of children, without doing another work, is pretty good for them. So they are ready to move to your country and be caring and attentive mothers, doing the house chores and running the house nicely.

Fact 3: Warm heart

Ukrainian brides are open with people and love to invite guests! According to Ukrainian traditions, a guest is a highly cherished person, who is offered the best of food, drinks, and if he or she is too tired to go home after eating, a guest is offered to sleep on one of the best beds in the house. People in Ukraine often go to each other and have a lot of chatting during such visits, when they talk about life and business. Ukrainian girls for marriage have to make sure that the food is on the table and that the beverages and spirits are in their glasses.

Fact 4: Beauty

In no other country in the world, you can find so many beautiful ladies on the streets and everywhere – at your work, in your institute, in a school. Increasingly more Ukrainian girls become the lead models of the world’s best model centers. And you definitely know Ukrainian actresses that have settled in Hollywood – Mila Jovovich, Mila Kunis, Olga Kurilenko, Vera Farmiga – just to name a few. There are nearly a million Ukrainian immigrants in the US, which acknowledge own full or partial Ukrainian ancestry. 

One cannot tell that Ukrainian ladies aren’t beautiful naturally. But they keep this beauty high every day – as they love to be groomed and pretty. They tend to dress lovely clothes, accessories, wear nice fragrances and do good-looking makeup even when they out with their friends casually or going to a store. If you see an untidy and un-groomed Ukrainian on a street – it means that she is either not a Ukrainian or is lazy and doesn’t worth marrying to, as she will be lazy in the marriage.

Fact 5: The cuisine

There are restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine all over the world, where you can taste such specifically Ukrainian dishes as borsch, pelmeni, vareniki, golubtsy, apple pie, zapekanka, and deruny. It’s so unfortunate that these names don’t have a corresponding English translation and that transliteration is used instead – but, believe me, these are one of the most delicious things in the world! Every Ukrainian housewife knows how to cook them – and she can do it every day – she will be a goddess of the kitchen and all your friends will die to come to your house for a nice homemade lunch. You will not want any restaurant anymore with a Ukrainian lady!

Myths about Ukrainian ladies

Now as you know some of the classy facts about Ukrainian brides, it’s time to debunk some myths, which may still roam in your head and don’t let you freely breathe.

Myth 1: There is a war in Ukraine and everything is in destruction there

That’s the biggest lie of the 21st century. There is no war in entire Ukraine – it is in some hundreds of square kilometers of Eastern lands of Ukraine, at the border with the biggest war exporter in the world of the 20th and 21st centuries, Russia. Ukraine has fallen the victim of this war export, just like Georgia, Abkhazia, Transnistria, Ossetia, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, North Caucasus, and Syria – it’s just to name a few official wars of the last 30 years that Russia has started. When Russia finally becomes non-existent, wars will stop in dozens of countries all over the world. 

So, no, your Ukrainian girl does not flee from war – but 1.5 million people have internally migrated already from the war sites and temporarily occupied Crimea since 2014. She is likely to live in one of the flamboyant cities of Ukraine, where people aren’t about war – they are about living normal lives and creating families. 

Myth 2: Ukraine is a poor country with unstable economy

While it was true in 2014-2018, in the acutest period of war actions and in 2012-2013, years before the change of government in Ukraine to another one, the EU-oriented (instead of pro-Russian one), the economy of Ukraine in 2019 is the most developing economy of the world, with its national currency being strengthened compared to dollar at 20% per year – more than any other currency in the world. It is also because of huge and vast structural changes in the economy and large positive shifts, which were done during the latest years by a renowned government. Now, with more and more running away from Russia in terms of economy and politics, Ukraine blossoms as it never did in the past almost 30 years, which have passed since the de-unification of the USSR. And fewer people in Ukraine want to escape this country – as it is now considered one of the best ones for living and doing business. The Ukrainian passport is significantly higher in the freedom of movement globally, as Ukrainians are allowed to 130+ countries of the word without visas or with visa on arrival – which is one of the highest indicators amongst all post-Soviet countries.

Myth 3: She is a scammer

Ukrainians are not Nigerians and they don’t send zillion of phishing letters every year. Ukraine is one of the biggest world exporters of IT and other kinds of outsourcing but that does not mean they are scamming your money down. You’re probably confusing Ukraine with phishing countries – like Russia and some countries of Africa. 

Why single Ukrainian women are so appealing to foreigners?

In addition to the mentioned facts, we have to mention those traits of Ukrainian brides:

More explanations why foreign men want to meet and marry a Ukrainian woman

If you don’t have enough of the said information, let’s consider more:

  1. Fancy traditions. They are mostly centered at wearing good-looking clothes with embroidery, singing folk motifs, delicious eating, and drinking. While saying ‘drinking’, we actually mean alcoholic drinking, which consists of wine, beer, homemade liquors, and vodka (but vodka is largely the Russian invention – before its occurrence on the Ukrainian territory, people were drinking mostly honey-based homemade liquors, which are useful for the body, not destructive).
  2. Her Christianity is easily converted into your Catholicism or Protestantism. You will not have religious clashes in your family.

Why is it appealing to do the dating of a bride from Ukraine?

  1. Ukraine produces an enormous amount of wheat – more than many countries in the world (taking #9 in absolute numbers), and it is one of the world’s largest wheat exporters. That’s why a lot of Ukrainian foods are based on wheat – especially bread, which is super loved here. Burgers and toasts with something yummy is a normal food for her, too – the same as for you.
  2. Kyiv, the capital, was founded 482 A.D., which makes it older than entire Russia. When in Kyiv, the first European university was built, Moscow was a dense swampy forest. Any Ukrainian woman is really proud of her ancestors, which were highly advanced men with many accomplishments.
  3. She will not argue with you about the roles of men and women in families. She will simply make a lovely meal for you and pour wine into your glass so you can take a rest after a hard working day.

Exciting facts about Ukrainian women

  1. They have caring and loving hearts. That does not mean that they don’t get angry or frustrated at times – but pretty much every disagreement or frustration is solved using caring words and a small lunch in a cozy Italian restaurant.
  2. Not a little amount of Ukrainian women works in science. They are even in the National space agency, which runs several mutual projects with NASA. If not in science, your future Ukrainian mail order bride can be working in the IT industry, which today is the third biggest Ukrainian industry, with billions of dollars in the capacity.

More appealing facts about Ukrainian women

  1. They wish to relocate to a country with bigger economic advancement not because they feel bad in Ukraine (though, someone do) but simply because there are bigger chances for their future or existing children to grow up in a more stable environment of a country, which has already been established, not residing at the beginning of its establishment, like Ukraine.
  2. They admire Western culture and men and even if you receive an average monthly salary, it is still 10-20 times more than what Ukrainian husbands receive. Living in prosperity is a desirable thing for Ukrainian brides today, not after several generations.

Ukrainian dating websites

Okay, now as we know a lot of stuff about Ukrainian brides, it is time to find a Ukrainian bride in one of the places where they dwell. Below, we are placing the list of Ukrainian dating websites with our explanations of why we have chosen them – what goodness do they bring. 

The list of legitimate mail order bride sites


We’ve picked those websites because of the remarkable flamboyance of girls that they give. For a start, we can say that hundreds of thousands of ladies are registered on them (with a slightly lesser ratio of men, so there is more than 1 woman per 1 man). Those sites are not only packed with single hot Ukrainian women but also offer a nice amount of them online at every given point in time: at least a thousand in every lovely morning, up to 4,000 of them online in the business hours and during holidays. 

You will also be mesmerized by a number of ladies who respond to men: we’ve found from the open sources that there are staggering reply rates on those dating sites exist: from 85% (on to whopping 98% (on! Seems like the ladies that dwell here are really guys-oriented and really wanna chat with them, to say least. Such a high reply rate actually means that you will not waste your time in vain, sending your chats and letters into the void of non-reciprocity. 

Also, we loved the possibility to see how well or bad users of this or that website for dating single Ukrainian women estimate it. There is a mark on the 10-point scale, which signifies the relation of people – users of those sites – to the sites themselves. Users estimate everything they want (including the convenience of usage, the niceness of the interface, reciprocity of ladies, the completeness of the profiles, and the rest) – and the total estimation score is calculated. That is, they all have high marks (which was one of the main reasons why we shortlisted them). The smallest estimation has (8.6 stars) and the highest has (9.8).

An afterword: Ukrainian wives vs. other wives

It is hard to find another nation, women of which would be as great as Ukrainian brides. They are warm-hearted, loving, fun and funny, bright-minded (which is stoutly connected with their high education level, as nearly all young Ukrainians are enrolled in the institutes or colleges to receive a higher or professional education). They are great housewives and super friendly with guests. They completely share the Western values and so Ukrainian mail order brides can easily assimilate in any country of the West. 

They also love to travel and try everything new – but they hate when something that they’ve liked deteriorates in quality (like favorite chocolate or Skype, which was completely destroyed by Microsoft). If you choose a Ukrainian wife, you obtain a loving, caring, open-minded, and warm-hearted person, which will always strive to please you – unlike emancipated feminists with greasy hair and fat bodies, which call themselves ‘women of the West’. A Ukrainian bride is a highly groomed slim girl, which will cater to you sexually and by running a house, without pretending that she is the head of the family, as she is a woman and knows her place.

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